12 Best YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners 2023

Are you looking for creating YouTube videos? In this article, we’ll show you some great ideas for creating videos that will help you grow your channel.

Do you want to earn by sharing videos on YouTube? Find out what topics are best for making videos on YouTube.

YouTube is the most popular platform to watch videos in the world today. It is the biggest search engine after Google. When YouTube started in 2005, no one could have imagined that YouTube would become so popular.

Now many people watch different shows on YouTube instead of watching them on television. Another way to pass the time is YouTube. Moreover, YouTube videos on various educational subjects are also available now. So, the number of its users is increasing day by day.

YouTube is not just entertainment. You can make money by creating videos and monetizing videos. But you have to make videos with understanding. Videos should be helpful, educative, informative, and recreational.

Today we will know what kind of videos people watch more and what are the best video ideas to make on YouTube.

YouTube Video Ideas 2023

1. Tutorial/ How to video

You can create various tutorial videos and share them on YouTube. Educational video tutorials are very popular now.

Among the subjects of study, many find mathematics the most difficult, followed by science. So, if you make chapter-wise videos on teaching math, science, or other subjects on your channel then students will be more interested.

Special notes on the topics that are more difficult or some techniques to remember reading in an easy way can be taught through videos.

Besides, you can also provide some other educational and skill development videos such as English learning techniques, hand painting, professional skill, or sewing learning videos.

2. Business Ideas

With the development of technology, old jobs and businesses are losing necessity. But more new opportunities are created.

If you have expertise in Business, Jobs or making money, you can create videos on these topics. Though this niche requires expertise, it has a lot of possibilities in Future.

3. Money and Finance

Day by day, people are becoming more concerned about Finance, Earning, Investment and Security of their assets. But on YouTube, these types of videos are few.

If you have knowledge about finance or money, you can share suggestions, tips and guides to make people learn about money. This niche is the highest paid over the internet.

4. Product review

Before we buy anything new, we want to know about it. I want to get ideas about different things. Then we search on Google and YouTube for its user review.

So, if you can make your YouTube videos related to different products and highlight the pros and cons of each product.

Since YouTube provides descriptions and images of anything, we come to YouTube to get ideas about a product. And learn about its usage.

5. Interviews

Interview videos are usually discussions, questions and answers, opinions of someone of authority in any Topic or Niche. These types of videos can grow your audience significantly.

These videos help your audience to interact with these individuals while also allowing it to be shared on both channels as content. It also helps your audience learn something new from an expert.

Suppose you have a business channel. You can invite a successful businessman on an interview and share the video on your channel. Not always you have to invite authority people, you can invite new business owners, startups and entrepreneurs too.

6. Recipe video

Food videos are also popular on YouTube. Searching YouTube now gives recipes for all kinds of food. Now people try different dishes at home and make new food items. If you are good at cooking, you can make videos with different food recipes and make money.

People are almost forgetting our traditional dishes in the rush for a variety of food items. You can share such cooking videos.

7. Travel guide video

Before taking a family trip to a new place, we want to know about the area. I want to get ideas about where to stay or where to eat, what are the places to visit, how is the transportation system and cost, etc.

You can make videos sharing all this information about traveling. Highlight various information about the places that people don’t know much about, including the popular places of our country.

People will be more interested as there will be pictures and videos of the place along with the information.

8. Videos of Shops and Shopping

In this age of busyness, people want to know about the place before going somewhere. Be it a shopping mall or a cosmetic store. So, you can show detailed information about different shops in these different places in your video.

This information may include the address of the store, what items are available in the store, their price range, if possible, etc.

9. Viral Videos or Celebrity Gossip

We always talk about viral topics, celebrities, and entertainment. Besides, almost everyone has some favorite personality in the acting world. We want to know details about these viral topics or favorite celebrities.

People want to have an idea about the lifestyle of their favorite celebrities, their favorite things, foods, clothes, etc. So, you can make videos with this information.

10. Craft Video

Handmade items are preferred by many. Many people like to make various home decoration items with their own hands. So, they search for various crafting on YouTube. If you can do these crafting yourself then you can upload this crafting video on your channel.

You can make not only home decor items but also various handmade jewelry videos if you are experienced.

11. Documentary video

A documentary is a videography that is done with different information through pictures or a video. This documentary can be made with any new story or poem.

Again, if you want to tell an unknown secret, you can make a documentary about it. People are very interested in such videos.

12. Make Prank/Funny videos

It is very difficult to make people laugh. And you can take responsibility for this difficult task. People forget to smile in their busy life. So, when they watch your YouTube channel during work, let them have a little fun.

This funny video can be about any speech or acting. Nowadays many people make funny videos of different animals. Most of the time these videos are about cats or dogs.

Sometimes it happens with small children. It includes various tasks for young children. You can use your intelligence and creativity to create some wonderful videos.

Now many celebrities make funny videos for their channels.

Prank is to make fun by fooling others. There are many prank videos on YouTube these days.

Some videos are to make people laugh and make fools. In some other videos, people don’t understand the matter first. At the end, they are shown the hidden camera to let them know it was a prank.

Bottom Line

Finally, it can be said that people’s preferences and tastes change with time. But some things never change. Human attraction is always on them. Above are some of the topics that have been discussed.

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