How to find hidden spy apps on android?

By- Abdul Ahwal

September , 2023

Check for Unknown Apps

Look for apps you don't remember installing

Review app permissions

Make sure no apps have access to sensitive information

Look for device admin apps

These apps have special privileges, so be suspicious of any you don't recognize

Reboot your phone into safe mode

This will disable all third-party apps, making it easier to spot any hidden spy apps.

Use a security app

There are many security apps available that can scan your phone for malware, including spy apps

Check your phone bill

Look for any unusual charges that could be from a spy app

Pay attention to your battery life

Spy apps can drain your battery quickly.

Monitor your data usage

Spy apps can also use a lot of data

Be suspicious of any unusual activity

If you notice anything strange going on with your phone, it's possible that it's being monitored.

If you find a spy app, uninstall it immediately

Then, take steps to secure your phone and prevent it from being infected again.